‘I really couldn’t believe it’: Strasbourg, Sask. mother and son hit $1M jackpot

A family from Strasbourg, Sask., is counting their lucky stars after hitting the jackpot last week.

Wade Thomas and his mother Jean won a $1 million Maxmillions prize in the June 11 Lotto Max draw.

For 35 years, Thomas played Lotto Max numbers 2, 8, 15, 26, 28, 40 and 41, but decided to change the last two numbers for the June 11 draw.

“I’m not entirely sure what made me change a couple numbers. I just felt like I needed that change,” Thomas said.

“The first five numbers are a combination of birthdays and other significant dates in my family. I noticed I didn’t have anything in the 30s, so I added 33; and I had a good feeling about the new number, 50.”

The ticket was purchased at 460 Albert St. in Regina and Thomas found out he won when he checked the numbers at a local gas bar.

“I don’t normally check the winning numbers for Maxmillions, but my phone had died, and I wanted to read something as I drank my coffee,” he said.

“I knew the first five numbers matched, but I had to double-check the last two.”

Thomas went home to tell his mom, checking the numbers once again online.

“I really couldn’t believe it,” Jean said.

“Our family has always worked hard just to get by, and now things will just be easier – it’s unbelievable.”

First things first, Thomas and Jean will spend some of the money on home renovations.

“We’re going to put a new roof on the house and build a garage,” Thomas said. “Eventually, I’d also like to book a trip to Europe.”

“The most important thing to both of us is that we get to live without financial stress,” Jean said. “That’s a real dream come true.”

The next Lotto Max draw is June 18.

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