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Opinion | Motorcycling, the Best Commute

To the Editor:

I hoped that as I read “How to Have a More Enjoyable Commute” (Here to Help, June 5) that my preferred mode of transportation would be mentioned. Alas, motorcycles were left out of the discussion. This is a common but baffling oversight among transportation writers.

Like most motorcyclists, I adore riding my motorcycle. My ride to and from work is often the most delightful part of my day. No podcasts required.

I’m a freelance sculptor/scenic artist. I live in a relative transportation desert, and I often need to carry my tools to work, necessitating a motorized vehicle. I strap my tools on the back of my fuel-efficient motorcycle, and off I go.

Unlike my co-workers, I never have trouble finding parking. Another advantage of my joyous rides to my far-flung work sites is that my motorcycle demonstrably reduces overall traffic congestion, which benefits all New Yorkers.

Cheryl Stewart

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