Moose wanders into Alaska hospital building

A moose wandered into a hospital building in Alaska’s largest city on Monday — and Stephanie Hupton was ready to capture the visit with her phone camera.

Hupton works in billing at a physical therapy office inside the building attached to Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. When a patient mentioned that security staffers were monitoring a moose that got inside her building, she dashed out and started recording.

“Didn’t think we’d have a pet moose,” she said.

The footage shows the moose browsing around some greenery near an entrance before it stands, gazing in the camera’s direction. It briefly lingers before sauntering out through an open door.

Hupton said she never felt threatened by the mellow creature in her closest-ever encounter with one of the massive animals.

It was an experience she never expected when she moved to Anchorage three years ago from Carroll, Iowa. In her home state, Hupton had seen her share of deer and cows but nothing as exotic as a moose.

“It’s definitely different than small-town Iowa,” she said.

Hospital spokeswoman Kjerstin Lastufka said the moose got inside the building around 11:30 a.m. through doors that were stuck open because of extreme cold in Anchorage, where temperatures hovered around zero on Monday. The plant greenery in the warm lobby was likely inviting to the animal, which ended up eating some of the plants before leaving the building after about 10 minutes inside, Lastufka said.

The animal hung around the premises. Someone reported seeing it around a parking garage late Monday afternoon, Lastufka said.

The moose caused no injuries or any big problems, other than eating some greenery.

“It was a pretty calm visit,” Lastufka said.

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Smartphones could bring humanity closer to arrival of Antichrist, Russian church head says

MOSCOW — The head of the Russian Orthodox Church says the data-gathering capacity of devices such as smartphones risks bringing humanity closer to the arrival of the Antichrist.

In an interview shown Monday on state TV, Patriarch Kirill said the church does not oppose technological progress but is concerned that “someone can know exactly where you are, know exactly what you are interested in, know exactly what you are afraid of” and that such information could be used for centralized control of the world.

“Control from one point is a foreshadowing of the coming of Antichrist, if we talk about the Christian view. Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the world wide web that controls the entire human race,” he said.

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Police investigating after pickup truck reported stolen in Innsifil

Police are investigating after a pickup truck was reported stolen from the Tanger Outlet Mall in Innisfil.

According to South Simcoe police, at around 1:30 p.m., the owner parked a GMC Sierra pickup truck in the mall’s parking lot. Officers say when the owner returned at around 4:15 p.m., the truck was gone.

Police say the truck is a black, 2006 GMC Sierra, crew cab pickup truck.

According to police, officers are also searching for a vehicle of interest described as a grey or teal green Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pickup truck.

Police say the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact officers at 905-775-3311 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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15-year-old N.S. boy facing charges after allegedly stabbing police officer with screwdriver

A 15-year-old Nova Scotia boy is facing multiple charges after allegedly stabbing a police officer repeatedly with a screwdriver.

Antigonish District RCMP say they were called to a home in Paq’tnkek First Nation following a report concerning a teenage boy Sunday.

READ: Bloodied teen girl escapes harrowing assault in N.S., 5 arrested

Police say the teen wasn’t there, but returned and was arrested.

But police say when an officer tried to block him from going into the home, the teen grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed at him several times while also reaching for his pistol.

They say the teen was subdued and taken into custody to face charges including assault with a weapon, assaulting an officer and attempting to disarm an officer.

Police say the officer suffered only minor injuries because of the body armour and winter clothing he was wearing.

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Manitoba Liquor Mart thefts continue despite more than 2 dozen arrests

Winnipeg police have arrested those responsible for the majority of Manitoba Liquor Mart thefts, but police say the problem is far from over.

Police and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries drew attention to a dramatic rise in Liquor Mart thefts in at a press conference in August of 2018, particularly over the summer.

However, since then, MLL and the police have continued to work together to tackle the problem, said Susan Harrison, spokesperson for MLL.

“As a result of these efforts, more than 25 top offenders who are responsible for committing the majority of thefts at our Liquor Marts have been arrested as of December 31,” she said in an emailed statement to Global News.

“Talking about security and anti-theft policies in a public forum compromises the safety of our staff and customers and undermines the effectiveness of solutions to the problem … we will not be providing any additional comments on our current security policies or any changes we have implemented or are considering.”

From January of last year through August, police responded to just under 1,200 Liquor Mart thefts and robberies, said Cst. Jay Murray at the time.

“It’s a figure that’s been rising over the last year. It’s one that’s substantially risen,” he said.

“Thieves are getting pretty brazen, often they’ll resort to using weapons to commit their act, to commit the theft and escape.”

Murray said the booze thefts were proving to be a drain on police resources, and several thefts continued after the August press conference, some of them violent.

In one case, police said teens threw bottles of booze at a security guard in a bid to escape, hitting the man in the head.

Murray said he couldn’t confirm if theft numbers were down, even anecdotally.

“We continue to investigate Liquor Mart thefts and as a result, we continue to make arrests.”

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Abu Dhabi's green energy firm launches region's first all-electric bus

ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) has launched the region’s first fully electric passenger bus as the capital of the United Arab Emirates pursues clean and energy efficient transport.

The UAE has set a clean energy target of 27 percent by 2021.

Green energy company Masdar, wholly-owned by Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Investment Company, has invested $8.5 billion in renewable energy projects in the UAE and abroad.

The all-electric bus, jointly developed by Masdar, Siemens Middle East and Abu Dhabi-based bus manufacturer Hafilat Industry LLC, can seat 30 passengers with a range of 150 kilometers (93 miles) per battery charge, Masdar said on Tuesday.

Solar panels are also used to power the bus’s auxiliary systems. Designed to withstand the heat and humidity of the UAE climate, the bus will serve a six-stop route within Abu Dhabi.

The initiative part of a series of future projects aimed at enhancing the intelligent transportation system in Abu Dhabi and making it part of the daily lives of public transport users, the statement said.

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China says always plays positive role over Korean peninsula

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that China always supports contact between the United States and North Korea, and that Beijing has always played a positive role in pushing for a resolution of the Korean peninsula issue.

Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the comment at a regular news briefing, as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the Chinese capital only days after warning he may take an alternative path if the United States does not ease sanctions and pressure on his isolated country.

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Calgary homeowners on the hook for damages after tenant allegedly skips out

Renting out their home while they relocated for work seemed like a good opportunity for Mike Brown and Damara Banks, but now it’s turned into a nightmare for the Calgary couple.

They’ve found themselves on the hook for about $20,000 in damages after they say their tenant skipped out on them.

The tenant had been living in their Calgary home since March 2017, after the couple moved to Grande Prairie for work.


Feces, garbage, food strewn about trashed Saint John rental property

When their tenant started talking about moving out in early 2019, the couple stopped in to check on the place on Dec. 28, only to find the tenant gone.

The homeowners were left with a nasty surprise, the house was in shambles.

“The first thing that hit you [was] the smell,” Brown said.

Dogs has apparently chewed several holes in the walls as well as urinated and defecated throughout the home.

A cleaning crew outfitted in protective outfits was cleaning out the house on Monday.

“The fridge is absolutely disgusting,” Dean May of Mayken Hazmat Solutions said, adding that the costs of cleaning it would exceed the price of a new one.

“The floors upstairs need to be completely redone, half the drywall has to be replaced,” Banks said. “[Repairs will cost] probably about $20,000 when all is said and done.”

The couple thought their landlord’s insurance would cover the costs, but as an adjustor told Global News Monday, they’re on the hook for all the damage.

“[He told us] it’s just pure negligence, nothing malicious about it,” Brown said. “So there’s no coverage. It’s a tough pill to swallow.”

“This is why it’s so important to check with your insurance company,” The Calgary Residential Rental Association’s Gerry Baxter said. “Find out exactly what’s covered.”

Baxter’s group represents Calgary landlords and advises them to do regular checks on rental properties and to go after any tenant who leaves without warning and leaves a mess behind.

“It’s so important that the landlord take legal action against a tenant who caused the damage,” Baxter said.

“She’s just gone,” Banks said. “The Calgary Police Service said they can look for her, but we’d likely be bleeding blood from a stone. If she could’ve afforded it, she probably would’ve fixed it.”

The couple is hoping other landlords can learn from their plight.

“It’s just a heads up to any other people renting out their places,” Brown said. “Just be careful — you never know what can happen.”

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RCMP search for missing Devon woman after vehicle abandoned

The RCMP in Devon have issued a missing persons report for 25-year-old Kathleen Rose Ferraz-Duchesneau.

On Sunday at 11:10 p.m., police said Ferraz-Duchesneau’s vehicle was seen parked and running in the median between the north and southbound lanes of Highway 60, just south of the Devon Bridge.

Her family has not heard from her since that time and is actively coordinating search efforts in and around the river, according to her sister, Alexandra Ferraz.

Ferraz-Duchesneau is described as being 5’5″ and weighing 240 lbs. She has green eyes, blonde/brown hair and may have been wearing glasses.

RCMP say the missing woman may be wearing a purple jacket with white fur around the hood, as well as blue jeans.

Officers are concerned about her safety and well-being.

If you have seen Ferraz-Duchesneau or have any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to contact the Devon RCMP at 780-987-3414 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

The missing woman’s vehicle was found near the Devon Bridge.

The missing woman\’s vehicle was found near the Devon Bridge.


Police seek assistance in locating missing Barrie woman

Family of Sherbrooke woman missing in Africa reassured Ottawa taking case seriously

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Trump, France's Macron discuss plans for U.S. pullout from Syria: White House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed plans for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria during a telephone call on Monday, the White House said.

“The two leaders discussed the situation in Syria, including the commitment of the United States and France to the destruction of ISIS as well as plans for a strong, deliberate, and coordinated withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria,” the White House said in a statement, referring to the militant group Islamic State by an acronym.

“They reiterated that any further use of chemical weapons in Syria must not be tolerated,” the statement added.

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