Farage challenges Johnson to ‘full-scale public punch-up’ after spat – ‘Any night of week’

A LBC radio caller rang in to ask the Brexit Party leader what his relationship might look like if Mr Johnson became Prime Minister. Holding nothing back, the former UKIP leader joked that he would meet Mr Johnson “any night he likes” for a confrontation, saying that he’d been training. The admission took place on Mr Farage’s LBC after listener Lucia rang in to discuss the future of the Brexit and Tory parties.

She asked Mr Farage plainly: “Do you think he’ll work with you?”

Mr Farage replied: “I have absolutely no idea

“At the moment what Boris says is we must put Farage back in his box.

“Well, if he wants a full-scale public punch-up with me, that’s fine.

“I’ll meet him any night he likes.

“I’ve been training – I’m getting ready for him.”

Lucia also asked the arch-Brexiteer what he thought Boris Johnson had going for him.

Mr Farage answered: “He went for the Brexit side in the referendum.

“People see him as being Brexit.

“He’s written some strong stuff about Brexit.

“The Tory Party are terrified about what the Brexit Party might do to them.

“And he does have personal popularity.

“I understand all of those things and that’s why he probably is going to win this by an absolute country mile.

“But I do think we need to see where he stands on stuff, that’s all.”

Boris Johnson picked up 114 votes last week and has since been boosted by the support of former leadership contender Matt Hancock.

Former foreign secretary Mr Johnson did not appear at the hustings event for political journalists and was notably absent from the first TV debate on Channel 4 on Sunday.

But his campaign continued to gain ground with the support of Mr Hancock, which came as a blow to Environment Secretary Michael Gove – who had courted his endorsement.

At the hustings, Mr Stewart said he had the necessary 33 backers to make it through the second round of voting in the contest “if they do what they say”.

The International Development Secretary suggested he was the one to beat Mr Johnson – and accused the former foreign secretary of making different promises to different MPs.

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