Parents defend calling kids Tiamarie and Jackdaniel and claim they're 'teetotal'

The parents of two children named Tiamarie and Jackdaniel have denied naming them after well-known alcoholic drinks.

Sarah and Steve Mennell claim it’s a complete coincidence that their kids’ names sound like beverages – and said they didn’t realise as they don’t actually drink.

Instead, they say their son, 11, was named after the Canadian running coach Jack Daniels, while they found the name for their daughter, 12, when a waitress called Tiamarie served them in Spain.

The couple have now hit back at ‘bullies’ who mocked the children’s names after they appeared in the news earlier this week for spending £250 on school uniforms.

Mrs Mennell, who runs Hull Party Services, told Hull Live: ‘We didn’t just pluck them out of thin air one night after a drink. No alcohol or drinks are behind the kids names.

‘We didn’t drink until around five months ago when we decided to start having one night out as a married couple a month, so we are definitely not alcoholics.

‘We are just a hard working family who literally like a twist in names, nothing special about it and not alcohol related. But it’s surprising how quick people are to judge. But now we just laugh it off and run with it.

‘It’s quite the conversation starter when were out and about usually, but it’s actually surprising how many boys are called Jackdaniel in some way or another and we know quite a few Tiamarie’s now.’

Mr Mennell voiced his support for Harvey’s Law, launched by Katie Price to make online abuse a criminal offence, after his children were mocked on social media.

He said: ‘It’s mad how people can troll online and then think they can get away with it. Comments should be banned, that’s why that Harvey’s law should be brought in.

‘So basically, just don’t comment, if you’ve got nowt nice to say.’

The couple have three other children named Sydneyrae, Princess and Albert.

After receiving a lot of attention online, they asked Tiamarie and Jackdaniel what they thought of their names.

Jackdaniel told his parents he liked his name, adding that he thought social media trolls should ‘get a life’ rather than mock him and his sister.

He said: ‘Stop being jealous of our names and get on with your life. Stick and stones may break my bones but calling names won’t hurt me, you will get ignored.

‘If it’s an adult [social media troll] – how would you like it if people picked on your child? It’s not very nice. Get a life.’

Jackdaniel added that he had never been picked on for his name at school, but did get teased about his ginger hair.

He said he would like to be a rugby player when older, and believes Jackdaniel is a great name for an athlete.

Tiamarie also stated that she liked her name and would not change it.

Both children attested to their parents’ teetotal lifestyle, with Jackdaniel saying: ‘You hardly drink any, you get drunk every two or three months.’

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