Sarah Ferguson’s former dresser to be released from prison after murder sentence

He also warned that she had a “pattern of behaviour” of turning on those who had rejected her. 

Andrews, now 52, was jailed for life in 2001 after killing Tom Cressman, 39, with a knife and cricket bat as he slept because he refused to marry her.

She fled after the attack and sent texts to friends to ask about Mr Cressman’s where­abouts, concocting a story that he was being blackmailed. 

She later said she acted in self-defence and made false claims that she was abused by the businessman. Andrews was on the run for four days and Sarah Ferguson had left voice messages on her phone, urging her to hand herself in. 

Andrews was initially released in 2015 and sold royal antiques under the name Jane Lamb. But she was sent back to prison in July last year over allegations that she was harassing a married man. Police investigated but no charges were brought. 

Mr Dickie said: “This is another case of the parole board not listening to families and victims of crime, a case when life should mean life.” 

It comes after the board’s ­dec­­­­­ision to approve the release of serial black cab ­rapist John Worboys in 2018. That ruling was later quashed amid huge public protests. 

Mr Dickie said: “The board’s rec­­ent record is not great. And­­­rews has a history of offending. She stalked Tom Cressman and when he rejected her she murdered him. 

“She hasn’t murdered anyone else but she has resorted to violence and striking out in the past. There’s no doubt that it’s a pattern of behaviour that may well repeat itself.” 

At the latest hearing, Mr Cressman’s brother Rick and sister Cathy urged the parole board panel not be free her. 

Rick said: “Any man who gets into a relationship with her will be at ­serious risk. She clearly can’t cope with rejection.” 

Mr Dickie said that he agrees with the family’s view. “It beggars belief that the board hasn’t taken that into account.” 

But after hearing reports from a psychologist and her case officer, the board said Andrews can be released from New Hall Prison in Flockton, West Yorkshire. She must reveal details of any future romances due to “risk factors” over relationships with men. 

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