Boris Johnson ’has already won’ race as poll finds 72 percent have already voted for him

A poll for the grassroots Tory website Conservative Home found nearly quarter of members have backed Mr Johnson over Mr Hunt, meaning the competition is already over. Some 72 percent have backed or say they plan to support Mr Johnson ,suggesting he already has a colossal lead on rival Mr Hunt. This comes after Mr Hunt – who campaigned to Remain in the EU during the 2016 Brexit referendum – said he is the underdog compared to Brexiteer Mr Johnson.

During Tuesday night’s ITV debate between the pair, Mr Hunt issued a series of scathing attacks on Mr Johnson, mocking his statement that he is prepared to pull the UK out of the EU without a deal and accusing him of failing to elaborate on his “do or die” gusto for doing so.

But today Mr Hunt posted a picture of himself on social media joking about tactical voting.

He said: “Thought of tactical voting so it doesn’t look so bad for Boris but in the end it #hastobehunt.”

Mr Hunt’s constant attacks on Mr Johnson have so far not affected his campaign to take over the coveted role from Theresa May.

The real challenge for Mr Johnson should he take the role of leader of the Tory Party, is how he would implement a no deal Brexit with Chancellor Philip Hammond vowing to block it at every opportunity.

Mr Hammond also refused to serve as Chancellor should Mr Johnson scoop the Tory crown.

He told ITV’s Peston: “My expectation is that I will not be serving in the next administration.

“But, I want to say this because I read some stuff in the papers earlier this week about how I would be a nightmare on the backbenches.

“I will continue to argue vigorously against a no deal Brexit.

“And I will certainly do everything I can to prevent a no-deal Brexit without parliamentary approval.”

The new leader of the party and Prime Minister will be announced on July 23.

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