BREXIT BREAKTHROUGH: May nears SHOCK deal victory as Rees-Mogg hints at SUPPORT

A source in the meeting said the hardline Brexit supporter has had a sudden change of heart over Mrs May’s controversial deal. The Guardian’s chief political correspondent Jessica Elgot said: “Jacob Rees-Mogg has told the ERG meeting he will support the PM’s deal if the DUP agree, according to a source leaving the room.” The news comes hours after embattled Mrs May told the House of Commons she would push for support to finally get her deal through Parliament during the third meaningful vote on the agreement. She told Leave voters during a passionate speech that the only way Brexit would be now “guaranteed” on May 22 would be for the Commons to finally support her deal despite MPs having already overwhelmingly rejected it twice.

Replying to a question from Tory Brexiteer John Redwood, who asked hater she thought a third vote on her deal would be a “hate of time”, she argued her case.

She said: “My Honourable friend is absolutely right that the options that appear to be on offer have already been rejected by this Parliament.

“I would have to point out that, of course, for reasons that I have explained in my statement in relation particularly to the Government of part of the United Kingdom we have requested the extension to Article 50 so that 29th of March date is no longer there.

“But I would say to a Leave voter, we can guarantee Brexit.

“We can guarantee Brexit and leave on the 22nd of May by supporting, as the Council conclusions suggest, the deal that has been put forward.

“That is the way to guarantee Brexit. Anything else does not guarantee Brexit.”

Mr Rees-Mogg, who chairs the ERG, has been outspoken about Mrs May’s deal, which aims to keep the UK shackled to the EU’ customs union and single market, and also fails to guarantee the hated Irish backstop would not be used as a weapon by the bloc.

What has caused him to change his stance on the agreement is not yet currently known.

In a statement to the House of Commons, Mrs May said she regretted having to delay Brexit beyond the scheduled date of March 29.

The delay was announced days before it was revealed she was rumoured to have caved in to demands from Remainer MPs for a second referendum.

This triggered a coup to attempt to oust Mrs May as Prime Minister over fears Brexit would be overturned.

It is said up to 11 Cabinet members want Mrs May out.

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