Tory leadership BBC debate: Emily Maitlis savaged by viewers for ‘zero control’ over MPs

The BBC Newsnight presenter has been shamed on social media for having “zero control” over the candidates. Ms Maitlis was forced to halt the five candidates’ squabbles as the members of the public across the country asked questions. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Rory Stewart and Sajid Javid continued to talk over each other to the point Ms Maitlis asked them to raise their hands.

Following a question as to whether the UK should leave the EU on October 31, the panel descended into differing opinions.

Ms Maitlis eventually asked each MP to raise their hand if they supported leaving on October 31.

But viewers on Twitter hit out at her for the “ridiculous” moderation.

One said: “This is difficult to watch. Emily Maitlis might as well not be there.”

Another added: “The real loser of this debate is Emily Maitlis. Totally out of her depth.

“Can’t handle it at all.”

A third said: “Emily Maitlis is so far out of her depth here.

“She has zero control over the candidates and they are running a riot.”

The debate came just hours after the second round of the contest.

Mr Johnson continued to steam ahead gaining 126 votes against Mr Hunt’s 46 and Mr Gove’s 41.

Mr Stewart gained a shocking 37 votes, four ahead of Mr Javid’s 33.

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab failed to make it through to the next round receiving only 30 votes.

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