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Video appears to show Toronto couple being assaulted after Game 5 of NBA Finals

Galen and Felicity say they were walking home after watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals at a Toronto bar when they were allegedly assaulted on the street.

The incident happened in the area of York Street and King Street West Monday night and it was caught on camera. The footage has since been posted on social media.

In the video, it appears a person dressed in a black hood approached Galen – who is dressed in a Golden State Warriors jersey — and struck him.

Both Galen and Felicity, who Global News agreed not to identify due to security concerns, can be seen falling to the ground. Galen can be seen getting back up and approaching the suspect, but he is then struck in the face from behind.

“We started to cross the street, and as we’re about halfway through the intersection, a man with an umbrella winds up like a baseball bat to take a swing at us and I stepped forward and put my arm up and his swing went right through my arm and through my face and then went and struck my partner with the handle,” Galen said.

“We both fell to the ground and I pretty immediately… got up to even just try to slow him down so that the police could show up. It was pretty dramatic.”

The couple said the incident left them injured.

“I chipped and lost a couple teeth, and I have a swollen face and nose,” Felicity said, adding that she is still in shock by the events.

“I don’t think it’s fair for people to feel unsafe in their own city.”

The pair said they have filed a police report with Toronto police Tuesday afternoon

Toronto police are investigating the incident, but were unable to comment the specifics of the occurrence.

In a statement, a police spokesperson said, “We are investigating several separate incidents in the city last night, but we have not confirmed they are connected to the Raptors’ game or crowds at this time.”

Meanwhile, Felicity said she hopes the person or people responsible are caught.

“I would like for this person to be accountable for what they have done,” she said.

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