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Welsh rugby fans worse for wear after Six Nations victory celebrations

Grand Slam-med! Jubilant Welsh rugby fans take to streets of Cardiff to celebrate Six Nations victory… but some end up a little worse for wear

  • Thousands took to the city centre following the dominant 25-7 victory over Cardiff at the Principality Stadium
  • There were plenty of happy faces, with one woman feeding her male friend a battered sausage
  • But there were also overflowing bins, unsteady fans and police intervening in scuffles
  • Ireland had produced an error-strewn performance in wet and slippery conditions as Wales romped home

As Wales clinched a third Grand Slam triumph thousands of fans poured into the streets of Cardiff to celebrate – with some ending up a little worse for wear.

Over 275,000 rugby fans are thought to have descended on Cardiff to watch Wales romp home to Grand Slam glory in a dominant 25-7 victory over Ireland.

They refused to let the rain dampen their spirits and packed bars, pubs and takeaways as they partied into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Draped in Welsh flags and the ticker tape that heralded the Welsh victory, fans united in celebration by singing and dancing in the streets, with one woman pictured feeding her male friend a battered sausage. 

But, in their wake, rubbish was left piled around bins and strewn across the city, and police had to intervene in incidents.

Council staff were out in force early on Sunday morning returning the city centre to its former glory emptying bins, sweeping streets, and hosing down pavements.

There are sure to be some sore heads around the country today, but yesterday’s victory is sure to live long in the memory, as these photos proved.  

A happy-looking Wales fan feeds her hungry friend a battered sausage in Cardiff city centre following last night’s clinching of the Six Nations Grand Slam in a dominant 25-7 victory over Ireland

Thousands headed into the city to celebrate, including this jubilant group of fans, who posed for a hilarious photo

Hungry and happy: This group of female Irish fans were all smiles despite their country’s loss to Wales in the memorable game

Give me the food! After an exhausting night of sporting drama, these fans looked ready for their dinner of chips and beans

These girls looked a little unsteady on their feet in Cardiff’s St Mary’s street, but gave each other some support as they happily posed for a photo

Noble in defeat: Despite Ireland’s error-strewn defeat to Wales, some proud fans still soaked up the atmosphere in Cardiff

Queue for the chippy: Food outlets were swamped by alcohol-fuelled fans, such as this fish and chip shop on St Mary’s street

Food at last: After a draining night of supporting their country, these Wales fans looked pleased to be tucking into McDonald’s 

However, it wasn’t an entirely happy occasion, with police intervening in more than one incident like the one above

Bad behaviour: One Welsh fan clearly pushed things a little too far as police decided to arrest him and end his evening

A few tears: This man had clearly let things get the better of him as he appeared to make a teary phone call

Too much to drink? This pair were perhaps feeling a little worse for wear after the celebrations in Cardiff

Bring more bins! Some hungry fans had clearly given up any hope of decorum, as this overflowing bin proved

I feel sick! This unsteady woman might have felt like she had had one too many as she held onto a bollard for support

This man helped his female companion to her feet, but looked a little unsteady himself as he awkwardly embraced her

Over 275,000 rugby fans are thought to have descended on Cardiff to watch Wales romp home to Grand Slam glory in a dominant 25-7 victory over Ireland

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