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1Is This South Africa’s 12th Official Language?

Learn about the importance of dance in South African culture and how the toyi-toyi has become a powerful source of self-expression and activism.


2Review: Exhibitions by Kwame Brathwaite, Deana Lawson, and Meleko Mokgosi Challenge How Blackness Is Represented

Three current art exhibits in Los Angeles focus on the West’s impressions of Africa and differing depictions of black culture.


3At This St. Lucian Festival, Creoles Celebrate Age-Old African Culture That Survived Slavery and Colonisation

With about 90% of its population of African descent, St. Lucia is proudly African and celebrates its cultural history every October with the Jounen Kweyol festival.

SOURCES: Face2Face Africa

4Zeitz MOCAA Premiers 21 Years of South African Fashion

As a retrospective for the past 21 years of South Africa Fashion Week, the Zeitz MOCAA is staging an exhibit featuring the immense diversity and talent of SA fashion designers.


5Slow-Cooking History

Learn about the history of West African cuisine and its enduring impact on diasporan culture.

SOURCES: New York Times

6Catch the Most Botanically Biodiverse Place on Earth on your Next Visit to South Africa

Spring is a special time in the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden, with 9,500 plant species (including 6,500 endemic) squeezed into an area slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut.


7Being a Beach Bum in Africa

Most people wouldn’t ordinarily associate Egypt with epic beaches. But in Sharm el-Sheikh, a city known for hosting large number of international peace conferences, Egypt has one of the region’s most spectacular beaches.


8The Smallest Medina in Tunisia

With few touristy sites, industrial Sfax usually falls off travellers’ radars, but its 1200-year-old medina has plenty of history and heritage architecture to entice art lovers, markets and eateries to tempt any foodie, and lots of local colour and atmosphere.

SOURCES: Lonely Planet

9River Activities to Try in Africa

The phenomenal, mega-rivers of Africa continue to rack in visitors to their waters for the wealth of wildlife, strong currents and incredible scenery. These bodies of water stand out from the rest of the continent, from white-water rafting, to looking for hippos, to enjoying a scenic tour in a boat.


10The Lake that Lies Beneath an African Desert

Namibia is famous for its wildlife and deserts; less well-known, however, is that it is home to the largest underground lake in the world not formed by a glacier. The most unique water creatures can be found in the isolated lake, including the golden catfish. No light penetrates the lake’s surface, but this suits these fish.

SOURCES: Getaway

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