Flat6Labs Cairo Graduates Ten Innovative Startups At Fall 2020 Demo Day

The latest batch of ten technology driven start-ups graduated yesterday from Flat6Labs Cairo’s Fall 2020 cycle, the region’s leading early stage investment company and accelerator announced today. The 10 companies are from diverse sectors including fintech, e-commerce, SaaS, Filming & Media, Artificial Intelligence, and Health Tech. 

The Flat6Labs Cairo Fall 2020 cycle commenced on November 1st, and welcomed the ten promising new teams, filtered from over 1000 applications, who have accelerated their business growth by refining their products/service offerings, growing their customer bases and entering new markets.

“Despite the continued uncertainties as a result of COVID-19, the Fall 2020 startup teams have managed to make impressive business progress over the past four months of the accelerator program,” said Albert Malaty, Flat6Labs Cairo’s Managing Director said during the virtual event yesterday afternoon.

The ten graduating startups that showcased their technologies and business ideas at the 14th  Demo Day are : 

Clakett is the first digital ecosystem for the film & creative industry, where you can find creative talents, cast and crew, browse job opportunities, have access to unique and new shooting locations, and industry service providers.

The first of its kind, Docspert Health is a healthcare company with an innovative technology platform that enables patients to get medical consultations from leading international medical experts in the UK, USA and Western Europe. With headquarters in the UK and Egypt, Docspert’s network includes more than 110 international experts from, each with over 20 years of experience who work in reputable international hospitals, covering more than 40 specialties and subspecialties.

El-dokan is the first enterprise cloud eCommerce software in the MENA region, enabling enterprises and retailers to start their online stores effectively.

Funnelll is a marketing technology startup that offers the first marketing tool for non-marketers to help them launch and optimize their marketing campaigns by leveraging meaningful actions taken by customers on their platforms – no coding, data science, or marketing know-how needed!

GLUED is an english and arabic enabled SaaS platform offering a game-based user experience for learning and development enabling corporates to gamify their employees learning and development experience by choosing from our contents library or building their own content via our no-code platform.

Hollydesk is a SaaS tool for small and medium businesses that allows companies to manage daily work-related expenses and accounts payable on just one platform. With a built-in wallet to replace manual tools, HollyDesk covers the spending process end to end from approval, payment and reconciliation to accounting and reporting.

Jilatee is a C2C circular fashion marketplace where wardrobes are exchanged seamlessly. It is secure and organized, and can be accessed from the comfort of homes, offering diverse fashion items at affordable prices, with items sold at 70% off original pricing.

Konsolto aims to streamline and automate the patient’s journey by providing patients access to digitally documented health data, online timely conversation with attending physicians, clear listing of doctor instructions all in an interactive patient file on a patient-doctor community platform where experiences, awareness and education can be exchanged.

RoboDesk is an AI powered contact center solution, that helps enterprises aggregate their communication channels, automate customer service procedures and create quality reports on service performance and delivery.

Welnes brings top notch nutritionists and trainers with fully customized meal and workout plans to a health conscious community in order to achieve their fitness goals – whether those goals are to lose weight, build muscle, or simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“Since we joined the Flat6Labs Cairo accelerator program, our numbers have been growing rapidly. Our user base has grown by 60%, and we have acquired more than 5,000 talent accounts and 25 enterprise accounts – some of which are industry market leaders,”  – Kamel Karam, Co-Founder and CEO of Clakett 

In 2017, Flat6Labs Cairo partnered with four anchor investors; the International Finance Corporation, MSME Development Agency, Egyptian American Enterprise Fund, and Egypt Ventures, as limited partners, to launch a new phase of the Flat6Labs Cairo Accelerator Program. Flat6Labs Accelerator Company (FAC) aims to fund 100+ innovative startups across Egypt, with a focus on tech-enabled solutions, during its five years of investment period. 

“Our fund is three years old, and since we’ve launched we’ve received over 6000 applications, trained more than 500 founders, ran 7 cycles, invested in 62 startups, created over 1000 direct jobs, invested a total of EGP 70M, and our startups have gone on to raise over EGP 145M,” said Marie Therese Fam, Flat6Labs Cairo’s Managing Partner.

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