Hybrid Africa Business Tourism MICE Masterclass

24-25 March 2021

Theme: Re-Imagining & Creating New Pathways For Africa MICE Industry for Covid-19 Era

Designed as the first hybrid Africa MICE Masterclass since inception in 2018, this 2021 Masterclass will host a limited number of in-person attendees and virtual delegates given the interactive nature of the programme in compliance with South Africa COVID-19 protocols. Most of the experts are of the view that this is an opportunity to re-start Africa MICE industry for physical attendance of the business events. 

The Masterclass will focus on bringing together MICE stakeholders from across the globe to explore sustainable ways and interventions for industry recovery. Considering that there will be in-person participation, the 2021 MICE Masterclass aims to serve as yardstick to measure the safe return of physical Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions and Events across the continent in the coming months. The programme is formatted to inspire, instil confidence and encourage the industry to slowly open up for physical events.

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