The Unstoppable Record-Breaker, Jean-Marc Is The Official King Of The Ollie 180’s!

South African Skateboarder Superstar Jean-marc Johannes breaks another Guinness World Record

South African professional skateboarder and Olympic athlete, Jean-marc Johannes has officially broken the Guinness World Record of completing 30 consecutive Ollie 180’s in one minute. This event took place at The Shred Skate Park in Cape Town on November 7th, 2020.

A Frontside 180 Ollie is an Ollie with a 180-degree turn. The body and the board jump and turn together in a frontward motion exposing the front part of your body first, hence the name “Frontside”. This trick is a useful foundation and comes into play for a whole range of other tricks like FS Flips or BS Noseslides. The most Ollie 180’s completed in one minute is a total of 27, a previous Guinness World Record, set by Nicholas Whitehurst of the USA in 2014. 

“I’m so happy to have broken this record, it was so much fun to do but also one of the most difficult records I’ve attempted. I realised how difficult it would be once I reached half way, but I kept it going until the record was broken. I never put a goal number to it, I just kept going until the time was up”, said Jean-marc.

As Jean-marc prepares for the Olympics in Tokyo next year, he continues to rack up records and points. To date, this is his 6th world record, and the second record he has broken this year. Jean-marc is currently the only South African skateboarder to have won an international contest and broken a world record for the year 2020.

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