$5 a rat: City of Vancouver shelter overwhelmed with adoptable rodents

The streets of Vancouver recently earned the dubious honour of being the most rat-infested in the province, but it appears the city’s animal shelter has a rat problem too.

The city says its shelter is inundated with pet-suitable rodents, and that it’s hoping to adopt them out for $5 each.

“So we have rats! Lots of rats. Lots and lots of rats!! We are currently housing 77 rats here at Vancouver Animal Services and are looking for new homes,” reads a City of Vancouver post on Petfinder.

The city says it has a mix of male and female rats of all ages from “pinkies right up to seniors.”

“We will be looking to adopt the ones that are ready to go now so young males and females that are around a month old, males that are full grown and then some bonded pairs we previously had housed here before the large intake,” it says.

Because of the rats’ social nature, the city says it will only adopt them out in pairs or to people who already have pet rats.

“We are really hoping those amazing past and present rat owners will come out of the wood works to help us out,” it said.

“While we love all creatures big and small, this amount is hard to keep up!!!”

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