A gift of accessibility: Regina family recipient of Build Love remodel

It was an exciting day for one Regina family who saw their home for the first time since undergoing a major renovation, led by Build Love, to improve accessibility for their daughter.

Eight-year-old Vienna Kennedy was born with Arthrogryposis, a congenital muscle syndrome, which affects her mobility.

She relies on a walker to move independently, but her family’s home had structural barriers that made it difficult to get around, including a lack of access to the bathroom.

In September, the Kennedy Family sent out requests for quotes from contractors to remodel their bathroom, but instead got the surprise of a lifetime.

The response from the local business community turned into a complete home renovation at no cost and inspired the creation of the non-profit Build Love.

More than 50 subcontractors and countless volunteers donated their time over the past couple of months, to make the Kennedy family’s dream a reality.

“This day means an opportunity for change in our community where it shows how we can unite for one cause and provide an amazing gift for the Kennedy’s,” Build Love co-founder Brandon Fuchs said. “Inside the home, we’ve completely remodeled or changed the footprint of the home to provide them more accessibility and a better flow.”

Everywhere you look, no detail too small and with each reveal the vibrant eight-year-old has a new sense of independence.

From a desk that moves up and down, to a fully accessible bathroom, to a larger room for Vienna to get around, the family said they’re extremely grateful.

“Everywhere you look you can see the fingerprints of love here,” Vienna’s mom Liana Kennedy said.  “It’s always exciting to be able to do things on your own and I think it brings us great joy when Vienna says ‘I can.’”

Their story is just the beginning, Build Love plans to continue changing lives one remodel after the next.

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