After 5 Months, N.Y.C. Gyms Reopen. Here’s What to Expect.

Expect less crowds, but no group activities like spin classes or yoga.

By Daniel E. Slotnik

Most New Yorkers have lived without communal workouts since mid-March, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo closed gyms in the state to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Gyms seem an intuitively high-risk environment, and New York waited months until it allowed the 2,000 or so gyms in the state to reopen. They were finally given the go-ahead on Aug. 24, along with museums, aquariums and bowling alleys.

The city waited until Wednesday to allow gyms to reopen, so that officials had more time to conduct inspections, which are taking place as the city also tries to reopen schools.

Gyms may be a sanctuary of sorts and a healthy outlet for stress when everyone in the city could use a release, but they remained closed as retail stores and restaurants reopened — at least for outdoor dining — and the rate of positive virus tests in the city continued to hover around 1 percent.

The reopening of gyms signals yet another step toward a return to normalcy, even though the pandemic is still a threat and many New Yorkers may not feel safe using them.

State officials said that they had tracked coronavirus infections connected to gyms in Hawaii and South Korea as case studies to inform their policies.

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