Andrew Yang was put on the defensive about his voting record and his role in Georgia Senate election.

Andrew Yang, who has been criticized multiple times during the campaign for being out of touch with New York City voters, found himself on the defensive once again during the debate, when Erroll Louis, the moderator, pressed him on the fact that he had not voted in several local elections.

Mr. Yang said that he was among a large group of New Yorkers who did not vote in local elections, and that he wanted to now “step up in new ways” to help the city.

“I’m not someone who thinks that all of the energy and ingenuity in our city lies in government agencies,” he said.

Mr. Louis then pointed out that some suggested that Mr. Yang has did not vote in the razor-thin 2000 presidential election, which Mr. Yang denied.

And when Mr. Yang asserted next that he helped Democrats win the Georgia Senate seats this year, he came under fire again, this time from another candidate, Eric Adams, who in many polls appears to be vying with Mr. Yang for the top spot.

Mr. Adams said Mr. Yang’s statements were disrespectful and “appalling” to “Stacey Abrams and those Black woman who organized on the ground.”

Mr. Yang said that he gave full credit to Ms. Abrams and other organizers. But he said he helped raise millions of dollars for the races, and it was “OK for other people to contribute to their success.”

Mr. Adams then launched another attack at Mr. Yang, pointing out that he held a news conference about a shooting near his home, but not for numerous other shootings around the city, where the victims were Black or Latino.

Mr. Yang, agreeing that many shooting victims were Black or Latino, said that the city needed to “work with leaders in those communities” to cut down on the violence.

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