Are you dealing with social anxiety?

As we head into fall, some of us will look back fondly on our “post-vax” summer as a time of outings with friends, family reunions, or a return to dating from the isolation of Covid-19 restrictions. But the last few months have come with an unexpected downside: social anxiety.

Getting back into the old routines of life has been surprisingly unsettling for some — even for those who have never struggled in social settings. Previously effortless friendships may feel strained. Small events or brief social interactions may leave you stressed, or drained. And then, there might be unease about a return to the office.

If you’ve recently found it difficult to navigate certain social activities, especially when you might not have in prepandemic days, we’d love to hear from you.

We’d also like to know about ways you may have found to cope with social anxiety.

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Dealing with social anxiety.

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