Are You of Middle Eastern or North African Descent?

Did you recently participated in the New York Times survey, “Are You of Middle Eastern or North African Descent?” Over the past few months, we’ve heard from more than 5,500 respondents across the United States, many of whom trace their roots to the Middle East and North Africa.

We’re asking all survey participants to share two images with us for potential publication in The New York Times. Please submit the following by Feb. 27.

A photo of yourself. The photo should frame you from the chest up, and your face must be visible. Leave space above your head. Keep the background light and simple. Take a look at these examples for your reference.

A photo or short video of when/where your Middle Eastern or North African heritage is most evident. This could be eating with family, laughing with friends, dancing to a song you love or participating in school or at your place of worship — anything that illustrates what it means to you to be of Middle Eastern or North African descent. If sending a video, please keep it under one minute — think of it as a clip you’d share on your Instagram stories.

If you know of others of Middle Eastern or North African descent who may be interested in participating, please share the survey link.

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