Blind child rapist spared jail because of his disability is locked up for lying

A blind child rapist spared a jail sentence because of his disability has now been imprisoned after he allegedly lied during a lie detector examination. Benjamin Petty, 39, had his probation revoked on October 28 after failing one of the regular polygraph tests he was ordered to sit as part of his sentence.

Petty was sent to jail after failing two lie detector tests which saw him deny committing the June 2016 sex attacks against a 13 year-old girl at a church camp in Oklahoma City.

The pedophile had originally received his non-custodial sentence after admitting the same sex attacks, with his light punishment sparking worldwide outrage. Sentencing Judge Wallace Coppedge was removed from the bench of Marshall County District Court in March 2018 amid revulsion over the sentence.

Petty targeted the child while working as a cook and fire spinner at a church camp. He told his victim he wanted to show her ‘a few tricks,’ before tying the child’s hands behind her back, and inflicting multiple sexual assaults on her.

The child later told police what had happened, with Petty initially insisting he had only given the girl a hug and pat on the head.

Polygraph expert George Maschke told The Oklahoman that it was ‘insane’ to make lie detector tests a condition of probation for offenders like Petty.

Maschke explained: ‘The notion that anyone would be imprisoned based on a polygraph chart readings I think is outrageous. It’s like medieval witchcraft or voodoo.’

Petty himself has protested his innocence since being locked up, and said: ‘I am innocent.’ He claims he only pleaded guilty to the rape to take advantage of the generous plea deal he was offered, and avoid a prison term he claims could have killed him.

Petty added: ‘I was receiving death threats from all over the world.

‘I was terrified. I didn’t want to leave my house because I was afraid some vigilante was going to catch me out in public and put a knife in my back.’

But prosecutors have long insisted that Petty played up his disability, which means he is registered legally blind.

They say he has the fine motor skills and eyesight required to carry out the sex attack he admitted. Prosecutors also say Petty has manipulated his disabilities – including the loss of several toes related to his diabetes – for sympathy.

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