Boy calls 911 to request new family after being told to get off the internet and wash the dishes

Norfolk County OPP are urging parents and guardians to speak to their children about the importance of 911 and why it should only be called in emergencies.

Police are issuing the reminder after receiving a call at roughly 9:40 p.m. Thursday from a boy, 12, who wanted police to find him a new family.

According to police, officers attended the residence in Simcoe and learned that a parent asked the child to get off the internet and help wash some dishes. The child became upset and called 911.

On average, police say, it takes at least two officers half an hour to respond, investigate, and clear a call. To avoid mis-dials, police are reminding people to know the number they are calling, lock their cellphone’s number pad and teach kids the proper use of 911.

If you do accidentally call 911, police ask that you stay on the phone to let the dispatcher know that it was a mistake.

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