Boy desperately tries to wake mum to get off bus – but she doesn’t respond

A little boy was seen desperately trying to wake up his 'drugged-up' parents on a bus after they appeared to have signs of opioid overdose.

The moment, believed to be filmed by a passenger in Camden, New Jersey, has been posted on social media and left people horrified amid opioid fear.

Shocking footage shows the boy looking worried as he tries to wake his mother, who is slouched against the seat next to him.

He is heard repeatedly saying: "Mum, that's our stop, that's our stop."

The mother does not respond and struggles to hold her head up. She can also be seen snorting off her wrist at some point.

A man travelling with the pair appeared to nearly fall over a few times as he stood in front of them.

He was filmed bending over and rubbing his eyes, struggling to stand up straight on a moving bus.

He also left two iPhones on the floor.

A passenger could be heard saying: "Damn bro, you've got to sit down man."

The boy was left unattended despite his attempts to wake them up.

Both adults' behaviour indicated signs of opioid addiction, which includes drowsiness, poor coordination, runny nose and lack of awareness.

The video sparked outrage as thousands of Americans have died of opioid overdose in the last few years.

'MoreLifee' said: "That baby don't deserve that type of parenting. Ain't no telling what's in that bottle either."

'William Jay' commented: "Hope someone gets that little kid some help first by getting him some new parents."

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