Boy lost hand on 10th birthday after neighbor threw firework and said 'Catch!'

A boy lost his left hand after one of his neighbors tossed him a lit firework on his 10th birthday and told him to catch. Aaron Carreto was left with a stump where his left hand used to be, and also lost several fingers on his right hand after the incident in Compton, California.

The explosion triggered by the pyrotechnic was so loud it set-off nearby car alarms, with Aaron subsequently facing five surgeries to save what was left of his damaged limbs.

Speaking shortly after the accident, a sobbing Aaron told ABC13: ‘They gave me the firework, lit up. I want them to be in jail so they don’t do this to other kids.’

One year on, Aaron has made amazing progress, and got his wish after 28 year-old neighbor and firework thrower Walter Revolorio was sent to prison over the attack.

The youngster is back playing soccer, and insists his coach treat him just like anyone else in the team. Aaron can now do push ups, lift a ball and dress himself.

He is still frightened by the sound of fireworks, but is focused on the future, and shared his next goal, saying: ‘I want to tie my shoes.’

Aaron’s mom Alison wanted to share his story again ahead of July 4, to encourage people to behave safely and responsibly around fireworks.

She said: ‘Even when you think, “Oh, it will never happen to me,” accidents do happen. It can change your life forever.’

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