Canada election: Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo

For the last 11 years, Conservative MP Cathy McLeod has served the people of Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo. But after three straight election wins, she is set to face a candidate like no other she has faced before.

Enter Terry Lake, the former mayor of Kamloops and high-ranking minister in former B.C. premier Christy Clark’s cabinet who is attempting a return to politics. Lake is one of the best-known politicians in the province from his time as health minister and environment minister.

But Lake has a serious uphill battle. A Liberal hasn’t served Kamloops since 1945, yet the party did make significant gains four years ago, and Lake hopes to build off that momentum.

McLeod won the seat in 2015 with 24,595 votes (35.3 per cent), beating New Democrat Bill Sundhu, who tallied 21,466 votes (30.8 per cent). The Liberals finished third, with candidate Steve Powrie registering a significant breakthrough with 21,215 votes (30.4 per cent), up from just 5.3 per cent for the party in 2011.

Dock Currie was nominated as the NDP candidate but was booted after controversial social media posts surfaced.

“I am not stepping down for personal reasons. Rather, I have been asked to step down as a result of problematic social media engagement two years ago, made in a context in which I was a graduate student without any designs on public life,” Currie wrote online.


Conservative: Cathy McLeod
Liberal: Terry Lake
NDP: Vacant
Green: Iain Currie
People’s Party of Canada: Kenneth Finlayson


The riding covers the city of Kamloops and part of the surrounding areas.


European 96,170 79.5 per cent
Aboriginal 14,220 11.8 per cent
South Asian 2,615 2.2 per cent
Chinese 1,360 1.1 per cent

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