Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques announces winners of science contest

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques took time from his busy schedule on the International Space Station today to encourage young students to pursue science – telling them they are the future.

Hundreds of students from across Canada are gathered in Fredericton this week for the 2019 Canada-Wide Science Fair at the University of New Brunswick.

Saint-Jacques spoke to the students via a live video link and announced the two winners of the Little Inventors – Inventions for space contest.

More than 3,000 students entered the contest, but Connor Brown from Acton, Ont., and Amy Claerhout of Beaumont, Alta., both Grade 7 students, were selected the winners.

Brown designed different imprints for the bottom of space boots to identify the footprints of different astronauts on the moon or other planets, while Claerhout designed a mini Canadarm for the washroom on the space station to keep personal hygiene items from floating away.

Both students said they would like to see their inventions put to use, and they plan to continue with their interest in science.

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