Capital Pointe backfill work begins Monday in Regina

Regina residents have a few short months to say goodbye to the city’s infamous Capital Pointe hole.

Work is set to begin Monday to remove shoring, fill the hole and reinstate access to the sidewalks and roads around the property.

The city says work for the $2.6 million restoration project, which was awarded to CBS Contracting Ltd., will be complete by October.

Work will primarily take place Monday to Friday. The dirt to fill the hole – enough to fill roughly 21 Olympic-sized swimming pools – will be trucked in between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Construction on the Capital Pointe project stopped in July 2017, leaving an open hole at the site.

Under the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act, a city building official issued an order to Westgate to backfill the site. However, Westgate appealed the order to the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards appeal board.

Following a public hearing on Feb. 4, the appeal board rendered the site unsafe and ordered the property owner to backfill the site by March 30, 2019, but Westgate failed to comply.

As a result, the city became authorized on March 31 to complete the backfill.

The bill for the project will be added to the property tax account of the property owner, Westgate Properties Ltd.

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