China sanctions 28 US officials including Pompeo for violating its 'sovereignty'

China has sanctioned 28 US officials including Trump’s secretary of state Mike Pompeo for ‘violating’ its sovereignty.

The Chinese Government has said Pompeo along with Robert O’Brien, Peter Navarro, John Bolton, Stephen Bannon are forbidden from setting foot in China or doing business with the country.

It comes after Pompeo said China has committed genocide in its repression of the Uighurs and other mainly Muslim peoples yesterday.

‘I believe this genocide is ongoing and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uighurs by the Chinese party-state’, said Pompeo in a statement yesterday.

He also accused China of crimes against humanity on his final full day in office. Pompeo references the sterilisation and torture of some of ‘more than a million’ people he claims were detained under the direction of the Chinese Communist party.

China’s foreign ministry slammed former secretary of state Pompeo’s ‘crazy actions that have gravely interfered in China’s internal affairs’.

In a statement released on its website the Chinese authorities have accused ‘anti-China politicians’ of ‘seriously disrupting US-China relations’.

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