Cop who killed Breonna Taylor is fired from his job

A police officer who shot a black woman dead as she slept in her apartment has been fired from his job. Louisville Police Department in Kentucky terminated Detective Myles Cosgrove on Tuesday.

Cosgrove’s colleague Detective Joshua Jaynes was also axed from his job over the fatal shooting of paramedic Breonna Taylor, 26, at her home in March.

Cosgrove sent an email to colleagues condemning his termination on Tuesday, saying Louisville Metropolitan Police Department Bosses had succumbed to ‘political pressures.’

He warned his former colleagues they risked falling victim to ‘hatchet jobs,’ and added: ‘Think about that next time you put on the uniform and badge.

‘For those of you still doing real police work, it’s just a matter of time till you (too) will be a sacrificial lamb. I plead with you, do nothing.’

Cosgrove fired the fatal shot that struck and killed Taylor during a raid at her home in Louisville in March last year. No criminal charges were brought against Cosgrove or Jaynes over her killing. Jaynes did not attend the raid, but secured the search warrant that ended with the deadly confrontation.

A third cop who attended the raid, Brett Hankison, was fired last year, and charged with recklessly firing his gun into Taylor’s neighbors’ home during the raid. He denies the allegation. Taylor was killed during a late night raid at her apartment, which she shared with boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

Taylor and Walker were sleeping when the plain-clothes cops burst in without knocking to execute a warrant on a drugs case. Walker believed the raid to be a home invasion and dialed 911, before opening fire with his legally-owned gun and struck the leg of a third officer who attended, Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly.

Mattingly was not charged over Taylor’s death, and has also been cleared by an internal investigation.

That prompted Cosgrove and Hankison to return fire, with Taylor dying after being struck five times. Walker says police did not announce their presence before bursting into Taylors’ apartment.

The medical worker’s shooting became a rallying cry for justice in the wake of black security guard George Floyd’s killing at the hands of police last May.

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