Couple says they’re ‘shocked’ over racist comment made during Halifax road rage incident

A couple that runs a small business in Halifax says they are in shock after an incident that occurred on a Nova Scotia highway resulted in a racist remark.

“It’s just completely unacceptable,” said Eric McIntyre, who co-owns Kitsune Food Co.

“This is crazy that this is still happening in 2018, that people are still racist and people have these kind of racial remarks and to be that aggressive and dangerous towards us is absolutely just scary. It’s scary.”

McIntyre was in the passenger seat of a vehicle being driven by his partner, Ami Goto, on Tuesday when the incident occurred.

He posted a video to social media of a man confronting his partner over her driving.

In the video, you can hear the driver say to Goto that “maybe it’s an Asian thing,” in response to what he believed was her vehicle travelling at “70 in a 100 zone.”

“That’s why I passed you and then after I passed you, you flipped me the bird,” the man is heard saying in the video.

Global News has attempted to contact a man who was identified in the video but was not successful.

According to McIntyre, the driver who confronted them was aggressively tailgating them on the highway.

“This guy is claiming that we were driving too slow but we were trying to get to work on time driving the same we drive every time to go into work — it was just ridiculous,” he said.

McIntyre claims the male driver cut them off and got out of his vehicle three times before he approached them in the video.

“He stopped at the bottom of Bayers Road coming off the 102 and then comes up and has like a racial remark towards my partner, it’s just insane,” he said.

McIntyre says he shared the video online to show his family and friends what the couple encountered while driving.

Since being shared on Facebook, the video has been viewed over 13,000 times with people expressing outrage over the racist comment made by the man.

The man in the video later made comments on the Facebook video, saying in one post that he was upset that the couple was travelling too slow and claimed that they almost caused an accident.

“Stats prove that Asians are not good drivers. In fact they are among the worst drivers on the road. That means my comment isn’t racist,” the man wrote in another comment.

As for the comment made to his partner, McIntyre says, “It’s just completely unacceptable. I mean, we were in shock.”

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