Covid vaccine volunteer, 72, struck by lightning after getting Moderna injection

A volunteer who signed up for Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trial was struck by lightning 28 days after receiving the injection.

That 72 year-old volunteer, whose name and gender have been withheld, met with the freak accident after getting an actual shot of Moderna’s vaccine, rather than the placedo, during the second phase of the vaccine’s trials.

The bizarre incident was revealed in the US Food and Drug Administration’s written media briefing into the safety of Moderna’s new vaccine. Doctors diagnosed the lightning strike victim with arrhythmia – an irregular heart beat – believed to have been caused by the strike. No further updates have been provided on the volunteer’s condition.

The incident comprised one of three Serious Adverse Effects (SAEs) suffered by study participants who received the real vaccine – with all of those health scares deemed unrelated to the shot itself.

The FDA report said: ‘As of December 6, 2020, there were 3 SAEs reported in the vaccine group: a 65-year-old participant with community acquired pneumonia 25 days after vaccination, a 72-year-old participant with arrhythmia after being struck by lightning 28 days after vaccination, and an 87- year-old participant with worsening of chronic bradycardia 45 days after vaccination.

‘On FDA review of the narratives, none of these SAEs are assessed as related. There were no cases of severe Covid-19 reported in the study.’

The lightning strike note was spotted by Doctor Andrew Bohn in the appendix notes of the 54 page FDA analysis of the Moderna shot, which was published on Thursday.

Bohn also highlighted a graph showing how trial participants who got the real vaccine no longer got infected with coronavirus between 10 and 12 days after receiving it.

Moderna’s vaccine, whose official name is mRNA-1273, has been deemed safe and 94% effective by the US government, and could be brought into use as early as Friday afternoon.

Rival manufacturer Pfizer’s shot, which was found to be similarly effective at preventing serious Covid infections, is already being given to healthcare workers and nursing home residents.

Pfizer’s vaccine must be transported at -94f, whereas Moderna’s rival shot can be moved at temperatures found in a regular fridge.

Vice President Mike Pence had his vaccine on camera on Friday, and said he hoped 20 million doses of the vaccines would be available to Americans by the end of the month.

Covid has now infected 17.2 million Americans, and killed close to 311,000.

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