Cows spend month roaming in newly built house and riddle it with poo

A family excited to move in to their newly built home in the countryside were less than impressed when they discovered some cows had been living there for a month.

They opened the door of their new house to find the floor lined with poo and a putrid smell to match.

It’s not clear how the cows snuck into the home and went a month undiscovered.

One of the family members who shared the unfortunate tale online says they think a storm could have blown a door open or one of the cows could have nudged a handle.

They shared the incident on Reddit with the caption: ‘This big guy and three of his friends got into our newly built Montana house and proceeded to live there for a month before being found.’

The Reddit user who appears to have deleted their username, said the family lived in Washington and were preparing for the big mooove to the home on their auntie’s property.

‘We assumed she was going down every now and again to check on house, guess she wasn’t,’ they said.

A cattle rancher had filed a report for stolen cattle and looked in the household’s shed, but didn’t think to check the house itself. Naturally.

Recalling the horrific discovery, the poster said: ‘My poor stepdad found it. We got to my aunt’s house late at night and he was going down to put the couch in.

‘Well he came back practically in tears and just kept saying “It’s ruined, it’s all ruined. There’s cows everywhere” it’s a crummy situation but hopefully we’ll all be able to laugh about it later on.’

One user replied: ‘We’re laughing at it now if that makes you feel any better.’

The original poster added: ‘I’m going to become a vegetarian to please the cow gods so that this will never happen again.’

The cow farmer might not be to blame for all of this due to Montana’s open range law.

The US state, where cows outnumber people three to one, says homeowners are responsible for fencing off their property.

The idea behind it is it’s cheaper for people to fence off their homes than for farmers to fence in their cattle.

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