D.E.A. Agent Is Killed in Shooting at Arizona Amtrak Station

A federal drug enforcement agent was killed and another was seriously injured in a chaotic scene of gunfire at an Amtrak train station in Tucson, Ariz., on Monday morning, a city councilman said.

The councilman, Steve Kozachik, said a city police officer was also shot and was in stable condition. The injured agent was in critical condition, Chief Chris Magnus of the Tucson police said at a news conference on Monday afternoon.

What set off the gunfire was not completely clear, he said. He said that the agents, from the Drug Enforcement Administration, were conducting a routine sweep of the train when two people on board reacted to their presence and one opened fire.

It was not clear if all the gunfire happened aboard the train or whether some shots were fired on the platform, he said.

One person was in custody, the Tucson Police Department said on Twitter, adding later that it had secured the scene.

The gunfire prompted the evacuation of the Sunset Limited Train 2, which had been carrying 137 passengers and 11 crew members at the time of the shooting, much of which was captured on live web cameras positioned on the train platform.

All of those aboard the train, which had been traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans, were safely evacuated, an Amtrak spokesman said.

The gunfire began around 8 a.m. local time while the double-decker train was stopped at a platform at the station in Tucson, and intensified about 15 minutes later, live web camera footage from the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum showed.

At one point, two bursts of at least six shots sounded as two people, who appeared to be law enforcement officers, crouched behind a box on the platform.

In another video, a law enforcement officer with a police dog approached an open door of the train after shots were fired. Moments later, the officer retreated from the train car as a gunman appeared to open fire on him and the dog.

Evan Courtney, 43, said in a direct message on Twitter on Monday afternoon that he went to get a coffee from a cafe near the station and returned to the lounge car when people came running, yelling “shots fired.”

“I grabbed my backpack and ran,” said Mr. Courtney, an executive pastor who runs a web and graphic design agency. “I looked out of the window and saw SWAT with assault rifles huddled behind barricades.”

Mr. Courtney said that he was traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans, and that the train had pulled in to the Tucson station for what was supposed to be a 30-minute stop. As of 11:30 a.m. local time, he said, he was still on a bus with other passengers who had been evacuated at least an hour earlier.

“I really couldn’t believe this was happening to me,” he said, adding that it was hard to see what was taking place. “And I didn’t have any information to go off of. I could fight or flight.”

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