Deer reportedly forces truck to swerve, roll over near Guelph

Wellington County OPP are warning drivers about the increased presence of deer on the roads after a rollover early Monday morning.

Police said the driver of a truck reportedly had to swerve to avoid a deer near Belwood before the truck ended up on its side in the ditch.

Police said the driver was not hurt in the rollover and no charges will be laid.

In a tweet, OPP said deer activity usually increases this time of year and the animals are commonly on the move around dusk and dawn.

“Slow your speed at blind crests,” police said. “Don’t veer for deer — it can be very dangerous swerving to avoid to avoid an animal.”

The Ministry of Transportation recommends drivers reduce their speed in darkness, rain and fog, and watch for shining eyes at the roadside.

Drivers should slow down if they see an animal and sound their horn to scare it off, away from the road.

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