Dog that survived shooting rampage expected to make full recovery, says veterinarian

A veterinarian says a miniature pinscher is on the mend after being shot in this weekend’s deadly rampage in Nova Scotia.

Kim Babineau of Central Nova Animal Hospital says RCMP officers dropped off nine-year-old Zoey on Sunday to be treated for a gunshot wound to her hindquarters.

Babineau says Zoey is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery for the injury, which was superficial but “extremely large for a little dog.”

She says the bullet appears to have sheared off the top layer of the dog’s skin and fat but didn’t penetrate, in which case Zoey likely would not have survived.

Babineau says some of Zoey’s owners in Portapique, N.S., were among the 19 people who died in the horrific mass killing in the central and northern parts of the province.

She says the dog will be staying with relatives when she heals, but is staying in the hospital for now.

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