Donald Trump supporters chant 'stop the count' outside vote counting center

A group of Donald Trump supporters were seen yelling ‘stop the count’ outside of a vote counting center.

More than a dozen people were attempting to burst through the doors of the center in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday.

Police locked the doors, barring entry to anyone attempting to get in, be it Democratic or Republican, as reported by The Detroit News.

The Trump supporters are claiming that Republican vote counters are not being let in to see the votes, but Democratic worker Rachel Fahn said she also had trouble entering the building.

‘I just waited out here until people took breaks,’ Fahn said. ‘It took about two hours. It isn’t just the GOP that isn’t being let in.’

Michigan is a heavily contested state that has still yet to be called for Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump has been tweeting about how states are ‘losing votes,’ but his messages have been flagged by Twitter for providing misleading or false information.

‘They are working hard to make up 500,000 vote advantage in Pennsylvania disappear — ASAP,’ Trump wrote. ‘Likewise, Michigan and others!’

He plans on filing a lawsuit in Michigan, and in other states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with plans to take the election all the way to the Supreme Court.

And yet, new polls show that Biden has won Wisconsin and could very well overtake the president in the other states.

Trump cast doubt on the election last night where he claimed that he had won the election, which was immediately debunked as false.

Biden has 237 electoral college votes, while Trump has 214 votes. To be elected as president, a candidate must get 270 votes.

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