Donald Trump supporters rock back and forth while praying for his win

Donald Trump supporters were seen rocking back in forth to pray for an increasingly unlikely election win for the president.

A group of women were seen on their knees praying in front of a Clark County Polling Center in Nevada on Thursday.

They were seen with their hands stretched out, while wearing red shirts and red hats.

The race in Nevada has been very tight, which has led Trump supporters to pray for the president to win there – although their prayers appear to have gone unanswered, with Joe Biden’s lead in the state doubling on Friday morning.

Biden is up in Nevada with 49.8% of the vote, while Trump has 48.1%, with more mail-in ballots still being collected in the state.

Biden has 264 electoral college votes, while Trump has 214. A candidate must gain 270 electoral college votes to be elected as president.

If Biden wins Nevada, he will have enough votes to be elected as president, according to Associated Press and Fox News forecasts.

Meanwhile, Trump has continued to say that the election process is ‘rigged’ even as he provides no information to show for it.

His administration has sued in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. A judge in Georgia and Michigan has dismissed the case.

International poll watchers who are stationed in the US have also said that they see no evidence of voter fraud.

Democrat House Speaker announced on Friday that Biden will be the next president of the US.

However, the race does appear too close to call, as many states are still tight between the two candidates.

If Biden wins, Trump won’t leave the White House until January 2021.

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