Donald Trump's no. 2 Mike Pence refuses to back president's 'voter fraud' claims

US Vice President Mike Pence has refused to back up Donald Trump’s assertions that he lost the election because of voter fraud. Pence blanked a reporter’s questions at the US Capitol in Washington DC Tuesday, after she asked: ‘What evidence is there of widespread voter fraud?’

The vice president refused to comment on two other questions from the journalist- ‘Is it time to concede?’ and ‘Is there really any evidence of fraud? Pence’s mouth and nose was covered up with a face mask, making it impossible to discern his expression.

The Vice President’s last comment on Trump’s election drama was on Thursday, when he tweeted: ‘I Stand With President @realDonaldTrump. We must count every LEGAL vote.’

But Pence has stopped short of repeating President Trump’s unproven claims about vote rigging, which saw him claim some votes were counted in secret, and that his observers were refused access to watch ballots being totalled.

President Trump also alleged that large quantities of votes for his rival Joe Biden were suddenly added to totals.

He has yet to provide solid proof of wrongdoing, with independent election watchers assigned to oversee proceedings saying they’d seen no evidence of rigging.

Joe Biden was named president-elect on Saturday after beating President Trump in Pennsylvania, and powering past the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the contest.

But Trump has yet to concede, and continues to insist he will ultimately be declared winner of the contest.

He last spoke in public on Thursday, when he made a poorly-received statement repeating his claim that he was the real winner, and that Biden had actually lost the election.

Trump’s subsequent tweets declaring himself victorious have been flagged up as misleading, although White House aides claim the president will eventually accept that he has lost.

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