Electric atmosphere in B.C.’s southern Interior with more than 24,000 lightning flashes

Environment Canada made light of a shocking amount of electrical activity in B.C.’s skies on Thursday with a tweet.

It reported more than 24,000 lightning flashes in the province on June 13, with the majority happening northeast of Kamloops and southeast of the Central Okanagan.

According to Environment Canada, usually 1,000 lightning strikes per hour take place during a thunder storm.

B.C. Wildfire Service said Thursday night’s light show is likely the cause of some newly discovered fires in southeastern B.C., though none are significant in size.

An online lightning map indicates the lightning has passed, so there is no imminent risk of lightning activity in the area.

During a thunderstorm, Environment Canada warns people should stay indoors.

The national weather service also says to abide by the ’30-30’ rule.

“After you see lightning, start counting to 30,” says Environment Canada’s guideline.

“If you hear thunder before you reach 30, go indoors. Suspend activities for at least 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder.”


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