English Montreal School Board votes to launch Major School Change consultation

The EMSB says they are committed to help relieve the French system’s overcrowding issues, but says it will do it on its own terms by launching a Major School Change Consultation.

The process will look into what schools to consolidate and which ones they can close in order to identify buildings they can hand over to the Pointe-de-l’île board (CSPI).

The EMSB’s Long Range Planning Committee has presented several possible scenarios.

“None of these scenarios have to go forward, they are just suggestions,” said Anne-Marie Matheson, the board’s director-general.

The scenarios include consolidating the network of schools in Saint-Léonard from six buildings to four. That could mean that John Paul I Junior High moves to Laurier Macdonald High School, becoming a new school. Or both schools could cohabitate in one building so one facility can be handed over to the CSPI.

Another possibility mentioned was that General Vanier and Dante Elementary Schools are merged, or that General Vanier merges with Pierre de Coubertin and moves into its facility.

As for Gerald McShane, located in Montreal North, the committee recommended the school stay open in order to keep a footprint in the area.

Also in Montreal North, the building housing the Lester B. Pearson High School could be transferred to the CSPI while the high school is moved to a new facility the board would have to build.

According to the EMSB, the Lester B. Pearson high school building has a $90 million replacement value, one of the highest on the board.

However the EMSB is still waiting to hear the minister’s decision on the possible transfer of Gerald McShane Elementary, General Vanier Elementary and John Paul I high school.

Quebec’s education minister Jean-Francois Roberge told the media on Wednesday that although he had reached a decision on the matter, he would be communicating with the parents directly through a letter “in the next few days.”

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