Firefighters arrive from nearby states to fight blazes in California

Firefighters, military planes and National Guard troops are arriving in California from nearby states to help fight two dozen wildfires.

Crews have arrived from Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and more are on the way.

Some 200 members of the National Guard have been activated and military planes have been sent.

The fires, ignited by lightning from dry storms in northern and central California, have killed at least six people and destroyed around 700 buildings.

Nearly one million acres have been blackened and smoke has been so thick it could be seen from other states.

The worst of the fires, including the second and third-largest in California since records began, are burning around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some 200,000 people have been told to leave their homes.

Officials warned that more dry lightning storms are approaching, bringing a risk of further fires.

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