Flights temporarily suspended at Halifax airport after plane skids off runway

Flights in and out of the Stanfield International Airport were suspended for a few hours after a plane skidded off the runway shortly after 6:30 p.m. AT.

Tiffany Chase, a spokesperson for the airport, confirmed that Air Canada Flight 614 arrived on No. 23at 6:30 p.m., with Air Canada contacting the tower and informing them that the aircraft was unable to make it to the gate.

A passenger on the flight says that the aircraft was circling the airport, as visibility was poor.

“We came in to land, but it got a bit slick, I guess,” the passenger said.

“We just sort of ended up a little closer to the end than we should have been.”

The passenger says that she believes the plane is wedged into a snowbank at the end of the runway.

“I think that if anything there is one wheel off [the runway], but we were not in the proper direction to avoid the end of it.” the passenger told Global News.

“We hit some snow. It honestly felt like a rumble strip on the highway.”

Passengers on board Flight AC 614 are being transported to the terminal of Halifax Stanfield Airport after their plane skidded off a runway.

Chase says that no injuries have been reported but could not confirm the state of the airplane.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has been notified, and they say a team has been dispatched to investigate.

The airport said shortly after 9:00 p.m. AT., that operations have resumed at the airport but that runway No. 23 remains closed at this time.

Passengers have now been deplaned and are being transported to the terminal on buses.

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