Flood watch issued for Hamilton, Niagara region as rain forecasted through Saturday

With the snow melting and expectation of rain Thursday, water levels could continue to rise and cause flooding.

Eastern parts of Hamilton and Haldimand County, as well as the Niagara Peninsula, are expecting 10 to 25 mm of rain, however, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) says they are not anticipating to reach critical levels.

“The combination of warm temperatures, saturated ground and rain will serve to increase water levels and destabilize ice within our local watercourses,” said NPCA Water Resource technician, Ryan Kitchen.

The notice is effective until Saturday, however, conditions could change before then.

“Presently, all watercourses are elevated due to the recent snowmelt and rain but are not anticipated to reach critical levels during this event. Due to the forecasted rain and the possibility of thunderstorms, some localized flooding of areas that are typically flood-prone is expected late Thursday night and into Friday. The NPCA will continue to monitor stream and weather conditions closely and will issue further messages as required.”

The conservation body is, however, urging residents to keep their distance from streams and creeks in the area due to the destabilizing of existing ice and the possibility of ice-jam flooding.

Local municipalities have been advised to check for debris and ice-clogging culverts, catch basins and other storm infrastructure.

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