Garcia is ‘seeking additional clarity.’ Wiley criticized elections officials.

Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley, the two mayoral candidates who have consistently trailed Eric Adams in the election results as new tabulations have been released, did not concede on Tuesday evening, even after Mr. Adams declared victory and The Associated Press projected him as the winner of the Democratic nomination.

Both Ms. Wiley and Ms. Garcia were vying to become the first woman elected New York City’s mayor. With most absentee votes now counted, Mr. Adams led Ms. Garcia by 8,426 votes in the city’s first mayoral contest to be determined by ranked-choice voting.

Though results have not been officially certified and some votes remain outstanding, Mr. Adams appeared to have beaten Ms. Garcia by a margin that makes it very unlikely that she can close the gap.

A spokeswoman for Kathryn Garcia, Lindsey Green, said that Ms. Garcia’s campaign was “currently seeking additional clarity on the number of outstanding ballots.”

But Ms. Garcia and her team were “committed to supporting the Democratic nominee,” regardless of who emerged victorious, Ms. Green said.

Ms. Wiley, who finished in third place in the tally released on Tuesday, promised in a statement that she would “have more to say about the next steps shortly.” (Abby Glime, a spokeswoman, said that Ms. Wiley was not expected to comment further on Tuesday night.)

Ms. Wiley’s statement was devoted mostly to criticism of the city’s Board of Elections, which bungled the release of a ranked-choice tabulation last week and released results later than expected on Tuesday night.

“New York City’s voters deserve better,” she said, “and the BOE must be completely remade following what can only be described as a debacle.”

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