Giant fireball erupts over city after explosion rocks ‘chemical plant’

A massive explosion and fireball has rocked a chemical plant and shaken homes up to 40 miles away, say witnesses.

Witnesses in Port Neches, Texas, said the blast "felt like a bomb" as it blew out windows and and startled sleeping residents with a deafening boom.

A number of homes have reportedly been evacuated in the city just east of Houston and residents in the neighbouring state of Louisiana reported feeling the powerful explosion.

Footage posted online shows a giant blaze lighting up the night sky as it burns out of control.

There were no reports of injuries after the incident happened at about 1am local time.

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Twitter users posted dramatic video and photos of the fire, which was so intense the heat was detected by a local TV station's weather satellite.

One user said: "The plant by our house in Port Neches is on fire and an explosion went off like a BOMB and literally made our walls flex.

"Literally thought we were about to die."

Another wrote: "There was an explosion in Port Neches at 12:57. We felt it here in Vidor and people are even reporting feeling it in Sulfur, Lousiana. Everyone please be safe out there."

A third added: "Large chemical plant explosion in Port Neches, Texas. Huge fire. Blew out windows from some homes at least a mile away. Felt like a bomb. Woke entire town of 13000."

Another Twitter user wrote: "Idk what just happen their was a giant explosion and it shook my house and my mom house (which is 45 mins away)."

Local residents expressed fears for workers at the plant and people who live nearby.

A Twitter user wrote: "Please pray for everyone working or living near the plant in Port Neches!"

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