Hot ashes from fire pit causes $500K damage to 2 homes in Saskatoon

The improper disposal of hot ashes from a fire pit was the cause of two house fires in Saskatoon.

Firefighters were initially called to a home in the 100 block of Saguenay Drive on Sunday afternoon for a report of a garage fire.


1 person injured in Saskatoon house fire caused by unattended candle

Flame and smoke were spotted between two homes when crews arrived, the Saskatoon Fire Department said in a release.

The fire was quickly knocked down, officials said, but the fire had extended into an attic.

This caused a challenge for crews battling the fire and a second alarm was sounded for more firefighters to help put it out.

A fire investigator said hot ashes from a fire pit were improperly disposed into a garbage dumpster between the two houses.

Damage to one house is estimated at $400,000, and $100,000 to the neighbouring home.

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