Humane Society London and Middlesex seeks donations after rescuing 151 felines from single location

Humane Society London and Middlesex (HSLM) has had a sudden jump in residents after the rescue of 151 cats.

The felines were brought in Monday after being recovered from a single location.

Executive director Steve Ryall said despite some fleas and the need for food, the cats seem to be doing relatively well.

“As the vets go through their steps we will find out more,” he said.

“But from my perspective, I’m really surprised by how well they are doing today.”

Ryall added it was very emotional to watch the rescue of the animals and said it was incredible to see the passion of the staff at the Humane Society.

The society’s recent unrelated appeal for food donations resulted in a huge outpouring of support from the community, but they are asking for financial contributions to help cover the cost of taking care of their new furry friends.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, so the Humane Society would only confirm the incident happened within their service area.

The cats are still being looked at by veterinarians, so they are not available for adoption at this time.​

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