Joe Biden on Veterans Day vows to meet 'sacred obligation' to help troops

President Joe Biden honored those who have served in the United States Armed Forces in a Veterans Day memorial event, vowing to help troops who have been exposed to toxic environments.

‘I want you to know that our administration is going to meet the sacred obligation that we owe you,’ Biden said at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday.

‘We’re going to work with Congress – Republicans, Democrats together, to make sure that veterans receive the world class benefits that they’ve earned.’

Biden noted ‘toxin exposure including agent orange and burn pits’. He said, ‘we’re going to keep pushing on these fronts to be more nimble and responsive’.

Biden’s late son Beau served as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard in a year-long tour in Iraq.

‘This is a lifetime sacred commitment, it never expires,’ the president said. ‘For me and for (First Lady) Jill and for the entire Biden family, it’s personal.’

Biden said that it has been ‘the single greatest honor I have been afforded as president is to stand before so many of you, those Medal of Honor winners out there’.

‘We thank you, we honor you and we remember always what you’ve done for us,’ he said.

Before delivering his remarks, Biden expressed his gratitude to veterans on Twitter.

‘For generations, Americans have answered the call to serve – taking the sacred oath to defend our ideals of liberty and democracy. These patriots represent the best of us,’ Biden tweeted.

‘On Veterans Day, we honor their service, dedication, and valor and are forever grateful for their sacrifice.’

In a statement on Thursday morning, the White House reiterated that Biden’s Build Back Better Act includes a $5billion investment for modernizing Veterans Affairs health care facilities, leasing medical facilities and speeding up submitted claims.

‘These investments will offset the growing costs of older facilities while helping to meet the health care needs of the veterans of yesterday’s wars, today’s wars, and the future,’ the White House stated.

Veterans Day is observed as a federal holiday in the US every year on November 11 to honor those who served in the country’s armed forces.

Thursday was the first Veteran Day in 20 years that the US was not at war in Afghanistan.

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