Joe Biden's security ramped up by Secret Service as he looks set to win election

The Secret Service is bulking up Joe Biden’s security, as he edges closer to winning the presidential election.

Reinforcements are being sent to Wilmington, Delaware, where the Democratic candidate is expected to use the same convention centre for at least another day.

Security won’t be quite as beefed up as it would for whoever becomes president-elect, but it is moving closer in that direction, two sources close to the operation told the Washington Post.

With six states left to be called, Biden is currently in the lead with 264 electoral college votes and needs just six more to become president.

Donald Trump is trailing behind with 214, but he is refusing to concede defeat, making unsubstantiated claims of election fraud and calling for mail-in votes to stop being counted if they’ve arrived past election day.

With tensions running high and the country bitterly divided as ever, armed Trump supporters descended on a vote counting in Arizona, demanding that every ballot is counted.

Trump’s niece accused the president of ‘talking about an attempted coup’ by trying ‘desperately to delegitimise an election’ and has warned of a ‘very dangerous’ couple of months ahead.

Last night police said they had arrested an armed man who allegedly plotted an attack in a counting centre in Philadelphia, in the hotly contested state of Pennsylvania.

The Secret Service usually ramps up protection for the president-elect as soon as they have won, assigning them with a new team of agents.

This usually happens late on election night after their opponent concedes defeat and the winner gives a victory speech.

But this year is different, with the result being dragged out for days due to a record number of postal votes, partly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile Trump is suing several states in an attempt to halt the counting process, due to unproven claims of corruption.

If Biden is declared the winner but Trump refuses to accept, the Secret Service could protect both candidates until the electoral college meets in mid-December to certify the results.

The agency has only faced this predicament once before during the 2000 contest between George W. Bush and then-Vice President Al Gore.

Both sides were locked in a 36 day fight over a recount in Florida which ended in a legal battle in the Supreme Court.

During this time the Secret Service kept up their usual vice-presidential protection for Gore and guarded Bush as a major candidate.

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